Meguru film sound Oy is Finland's leading sound production company.

Services provided by Meguru include film sound design, recording, mixing, film music, sound editing, and sound effects design and recording. Meguru's clients are mostly Finnish and foreign film production companies. We at Meguru work with films of all lengths, from short films, commercials, documentaries, TV movies and series to feature films.


Meguru film sound offers services in all areas of film sound production.

Sound design

Film mixing

Studio recording

Sound editing

Film recording on location

Service packages

Transfers, restoring and mastering



Film mixing studio (including the services of a film mixer) € 195 / hour

Sound studio, rerecording, foley recording, etc. (including the services of a recordist) € 95 / hour

Sound studio without a recordist €70 / hour

Foley artist by agreement

Pro Tools HD sound editing studio (includes the services of a sound editor) € 85 / hour

Pro Tools HD sound editing studio without staff €35 / hour

Sound transfers, digitalization €70 / hour

Please inquire about location recording equipment and services, and we'll make you an offer.

Please inquire about packages for longer film productions, sound design and other packages.

A VAT of 24 percent will be added to the prices. These are minimum prices.


Pekka Karjalainen

Sound designer, film mixer, film director
+358 40 0423594
firstname @

Olli Pärnänen

Sound designer, film mixer, CEO
+358 50 5695580
firstname @

We are two full-time sound designer-mixers working at Meguru who also own the company. We also employ a number of freelance professionals for a variety of jobs (location recording, sound editing, etc.).

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Meguru film sound Oy
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00160 Helsinki, Finland

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